• Project 001 Search and Rescue 2.0

    Develop new technologies through rapid prototyping to save lives trapped in collapsed structures.

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  • Project 002 Mind of a Quadrotor

    Build a system that allows a quadrotor to navigate its surroundings with minimal human intervention.

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  • Project 003 The Launch of GPS IIF

    Target the precise coordinates within the GPS Constellation to launch our newest GPS satellite.

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Learn How It Works

Solving the Air Force’s toughest challenges requires a collaboration platform unlike any other. The Collaboratory was built from the ground up so you and a community of peers could work alongside real Airmen on real Air Force projects. Your idea could change everything. So let’s get started.

  • Step 1 Create Profile.

    Create your profile via Facebook Connect or email. Your customized profile page will display your active collaborations, project updates and achievements.

  • Step 2 Choose Project.

    Next, check out the open projects to find what most excites you. Then view the briefing video and materials to understand the challenge you and the Air Force will work to solve.

  • Step 3 Solve Topics.

    Contribute to an active collaboration or start your own on the Project Dashboard. Airmen will work hand in hand providing feedback and direction along the way.

  • Step 4 Earn Achievements.

    The more you contribute, the more achievement badges you earn. You can even check out how you rank compared to your peers on the real-time leaderboard. 

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